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Duffle bags are just bigger versions of handbags. These bags are used for sports, travel and in circumstances where the conditions are a little rough. Nowadays, the duffle bags are available in three major types namely; Barrel duffle wheeled duffle and squared duffle. Each of the types of duffle bag has its own uses and that helped the bags gain huge popularity amongst the travelers.

The features and uses of each type of duffle bag are listed So that you can choose as per your requirement.

Barrel Duffle

The barrel duffle bag is basically a tube-shaped bag. This type of bag is available in two variations. The one has a top closure design. The bag has an opening at the top and is often very large in size. This type of bags is suitable for storage of large equipment or is used as all in one bag. The bag is used in military and war zones.

The other type has a side zipper. These type of duffle bags are smaller and are typically used to carry sports equipment by athletes and sportspersons.

Wheeled Duffle Bag

It has a rigid bottom with U-shaped zipper wide opening along the top side of the bag. It contains wheels underside to make it carry easily. It is very popular amongst travelers who walk for a long distance carrying the bag.

Squared duffle bag

A box-shaped or squared duffle bag is the recent adaptation in the Duffle bag type. The box-shaped bag has a side zipper closure with separate compartments on the sides. The side compartments make it easier to stay organized. This is widely used in law enforcement. With customized foam padding, the bag is perfect for keeping heavy ammunition and weapons.