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A wide range of tracking bags makes you bit choosy and confused. Traveling to adventurous place is a passion for many trackers. Traveling baggage is a big problem in the mountainous area. But, Tracking is always done in the hilly area. People though prefer trekking bags to be lifted while going on this kind of adventures spot.

Main Features of Trekking Bags:

  • Water Resistant

You might not need a bag that is 100% waterproof but the material of the bag should be at least semi-waterproof so that you can protect your items in the bag in case you have to be in the rain. A semi waterproof or water-resistant material will protect your stuff from getting wet in the rain.

  • Durable and comfortable.

The bag should be durable as you d not want it to get damaged during your travel.  With durability, you need a bag that is comfortable as you might have to keep carrying it for a while. The shoulder straps and hip belt should be properly padded as all the pressure will be on these parts.

  • Color variety

The color choice of the trekking bag is also an important feature to consider as choosing a color that is too light might get dirty easily. Choose a color which will be neither too dark nor too light. Still, the color preference totally depends on your choice.

  • Lightweight

The bag should be light weighted so you don’t have to worry about the size and you can enjoy your trekking with a light weight bag.